Remember! Australia 80s & 90s

“Things Ain’t Been Right Since Rex Hunt Got Bit by That Stingray,” is a delightful and nostalgic journey through 80s and 90s Australia. This easy-to-read book captures the essence of the era, reflecting on cultural shifts, media highlights, and personal anecdotes, inviting readers to laugh, reminisce, and reflect on how things have changed for better or worse.


Immerse yourself in the author’s witty quips and reminders of the past, as they take you on a journey through the music, television, and fashion that defined the era. From mixtapes and VHS tapes to the colourful neon fashion trends that filled the streets, this book is a time capsule of the sights and sounds that once made Australia so vibrant.

Within the pages of “Remember! Australia 80s & 90s”, the author seamlessly intertwines personal memories and youthful escapades with broader reflections on the collective experiences of a generation. Whether it’s recollections of mischievous school days or unforgettable road trips with friends, this book captures the spirit of youth and invites readers to reflect on their own treasured memories.

While celebrating the nostalgia and charm of the past, the book also addresses the changes that have occurred over time. It acknowledges the positive aspects of societal progress while acknowledging the loss of certain elements that were cherished in the past. Through introspection and thought-provoking insights, readers are encouraged to ponder the complexities of change and embrace the value of preserving the moments that define us.

“Remember! Australia 80s & 90s” is designed as an easy read, with each page featuring a limited amount of text. This format allows readers to immerse themselves fully in the book’s captivating narrative, making it the perfect companion for a single-sitting read. Whether you seek solace on a lazy afternoon or yearn for a nostalgic escape during a weekend getaway, this book promises to transport you to a world filled with laughter, fond memories, and a renewed appreciation for the past.

Indulge in the pages of “Remember! Australia 80s & 90s” and rediscover the magic of Australia’s 80s and 90s—an era characterized by its quirks, cultural references, and unforgettable moments. Through its poignant storytelling, this book serves as a reminder that while times change, the treasured memories of our youth forever shape who we are.


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