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By The Moon’s Good Grace: A Never Afters Tale

 Author: Kirstyn McDermott  Category: Fantasy & Sci-Fi  Pages: 39  Kindle

By the Moon’s Good Grace is a wild and gothic re-imagining of a classic story from the award-winning Kirstyn McDermott. Ideal for fans of Kelly Link, Angela Carter, and Catherynne M. Valente.

The night after the tumultuous events at her grandmother’s house, Little Red ventures into the woods to find her missing grandmother. Instead, she discovers a stranger who claims to be her aunt…and learns a startling secret. Her family are wolves, changing form in phase with the moon, and the beast slain in grandmother’s cottage means she’ll not be home again.

With the full moon overhead, Red learns she can undergo the change herself, but life as a wolf is not so easy as it might appear. The villagers distrust fanged beast and fell magic in equal measure, and every transformation places her family in peril. The secret her grandmother kept close could now bring death to her mother, her aunt, and even Red herself. There are paths that need to be chosen, and no decision will come without sacrifice.

By the Moon’s Good Grace is the fifth novella in Kirstyn McDermott’s Never Afters series. Dark, powerful, and brimming with magic, these tales weave a reimagined world in which fairy-tale girls grow up to find both love and heartbreak, family and friendship, loss and forgiveness.