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May Gibbs: Mother of the Gumnuts

 Author: Maureen Walsh  Category: Biographies & Memoirs  Pages: 163  Kindle

‘It’s hard to tell, hard to say, I don’t know if the bush babies found me or I found the little creatures.’

May Gibbs’ stories reveal magic in the Australian bush, woven through the voices of her unique and curious characters and through her imagery and humour. It is a magic that continues to captivate generations of Australians.

In this fascinatingly detailed and well researched biography, Maureen Walsh steps into May Gibbs’ magic circle and gives us an insight into one of Australia’s most treasured children’s authors.

Commencing with May’s birth in middle class London, Maureen details the family’s struggles upon their arrival in an unfamiliar land. While their initial encounters of the harsh Australian outback were daunting, a move to Perth brings happier times and leads to May’s affinity with the bush. May Gibbs’ lively spirit is brought to life with interviews, notes from May’s sketchbooks and quotes from her letters and autobiographical notes.

This book is a commitment to the story of May Gibbs and, with the help of those who care for our Australian stories and bush magic, is keeping the memory of May and her characters alive.