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Winterbloom: A Never Afters Tale

 Author: Kirstyn McDermott  Category: Fantasy & Sci-Fi  Pages: 49  Kindle

Winterbloom is a heart-breaking and fey re-imagining of a classic story from the award-winning Kirstyn McDermott. Ideal for fans of Sarah J. Maas, Kate Bernheimer, and Danielle Wood.

Several years into their marriage, Beauty and her once beastly husband are at a crossroads. Though they still love each other, they have not been able to have children nor talk about the problems that have beset them since the fairy curse was lifted. Instead, she devotes herself to the roses in their garden while he composes music to charm the most discerning Parisian audiences.

But Beauty secretly longs for the Beast with whom she fell in love, and her husband fears he’s no longer the creature she most desires. When Peregrine, Beauty’s enigmatic fey sister-in-law, comes to visit, she sparks off a chain of events that will either heal the marriage or leave it in irretrievable tatters.

Winterbloom is the final novella in Kirstyn McDermott’s Never Afters series. Dark, powerful, and brimming with magic, these tales weave a reimagined world in which fairy-tale girls grow up to find both love and heartbreak, family and friendship, loss and forgiveness.