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Ricky & Elizaneth on YouTube

That’s Ricky on the left, next to his partner, Liz. Ricky loves working with clients who have a desire to create and want their work seen.

The Artist’s Dilemma:
Knowledge, Time, & Money

As a creative, if you’ve not yet found a way to monetise your passion, you can’t just dump lumps of money you don’t have into marketing ventures and methods of selling yourself online or finding an audience outside your circle. Especially if you’re not ensured success.

So your best option is to do it all yourself, but the learning curve is steep and the time spent learning new skills is time taken away from what you are genuinely passionate about.

Maybe you’re not interested in making money off your talents, but you want to be recognised, seen, you have a message or story you need to tell, the creative dilemma still applies.

Ricky can help you with all three aspects of the artist’s dilemma.

He can use his time and skills to get you seen, read, or sold, and he’ll do it on a budget of your choosing and work with that to create a usable strategy. And he is more than happy to share his knowledge and train you in the skills you need to accomplish your goals.

Ricky will consult and collaborate with you on a strategy that works for you before any work has commenced and if you’re not sure about the strategy or want to go it alone. You get to keep your allocated budget and Ricky will be happy that he provided you with the help he did.

Ricky will plan your unique online strategy for free

You set the budget.

Your strategy will be based on your budget.

Together, we formulate an online strategy.

A strategy tailored to your goals and strengths as a creative.

Ricky uses his skill set to make it happen.

If you want to go ahead, Ricky will deliver an online presence based on said strategy. And on budget.

Peter Volkofsky
I’ve enjoyed working with Ricky Browne. As one who provides a support service to my website, he has brought great skill, honesty, competence and a listening ear. He has a natural understanding of the cyber-world and of how it can best serve my goals.

Aaron McMillan

Colour Copy Shop
Ricky has worked on and off with us since 2008. He can do the lot; coding, graphic design, getting your site ranking on Google, and figuring out novel technical solutions to doing business.

The advantages of working with Ricky:

20 year’s experience: As a digital artist & web designer
Technical proficiency: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP
Eye for design: Proficient in visual design
Practised writer: Written 19 books
SEO knowledge: A focus on Google results
Personalized approach: Draws outside the lines
Strong communication: Good listener and educator
Content creation skills: Works with all media & mediums
Audio/Video: Recording & editing skills
Systematic approach: Has a process

The advantages of Ricky’s Level Up system:

Holistic Service Offering
Free Consulting, Soundboarding, & Planning
Flexible Pricing Options
Use latest Most Popular Technologies
Focus on Organic Listing
Responsive Mobile Centrc Design
Social Media Integration
Strong security measures
Ongoing support


  • F. FAQ
    • Handle objections
    • What are the top 5 or six questions and objection
    • Keep short
    • Create video

G. Call to action


  • don’t market based on facts and information
  • identify feeling brain
  • emotional and impulsive
  • appeal to their identities or insecurities
  • find your customer’s pain points
  • upgrade pain or avoid pain